Light Brown Poodle Puppy - When Do Poodles Lose Their Puppy Coat
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Ah, poodle puppyhood! It’s a magical, life-changing time in a pup’s life—and, of course, for the new poodle owner. One of the most endearing characteristics of those oh-so-adorable pups is their soft and fluffy puppy coat. But alas, that fur won’t last forever. So, when do poodles lose their puppy coat?

Eventually, your pup will go through what’s commonly known as the “puppy uglies,” when their adult coat comes in and replaces that soft, fluffy puppy fur.

As poodle owners (or planning to become one soon!), you may wonder when your pup will lose that beloved poodle puppy coat. Where can you learn more about this “puppy uglies” phase? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss when poodles typically go through their puppy uglies and how long it takes them to adjust to their new adult coat.

When Do Poodles Lose Their Puppy Coat?

Cute Poodle Puppy Sitting in Field

You may wonder when your beloved poodle puppy will finally shed its soft, fluffy coat. After all, it’s hard to resist the temptation of cuddling that puppy fur! But don’t worry—you’ll get lots of cuddle time before the puppy poodle coat is gone.

Typically, small poodle breeds such as the toy poodle lose their puppy coats between six and ten months old. However, standard poodles usually lose their puppy coat at around nine to 16 months old.

However, it’s important to note that certain poodle breeds may take a bit longer than this—Giant poodles can sometimes take more than a year to completely shed their puppy coats and get their fully developed adult coat.

Depending on grooming habits and other external factors, this gradual transition can also vary in length for your puppy’s coat. It’s best to talk to your veterinarian or groomer if you’re unsure about when exactly your pup will start shedding its puppy fur.

Poodle Adult Coat Development

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It’s no secret that puppy poodles look a lot different than adult poodles—but the exact timeline of the transformation can be hard to predict. To understand the process better, it’s important to know how poodles’ coats change as they age.

As a pup, they have soft fur that typically appears in shades of white, cream, black, and other colors. Depending on their breed, their hair may be either curly or wavy. It’s also likely to be longer and thinner when they’re younger.

As your pup grows into an adult, its coat will change. Their wavy or curly fur will become thicker and shorter, often taking on more of an oval shape or corkscrew appearance. They may also develop more of the distinctive features associated with their breed—such as fringes on their legs and head—and they may develop additional colors, such as gray or silver.

The exact timing of this development varies by breed but typically takes 9-12 months for most breeds. In the meantime, providing your pup with proper grooming and nutrition for proper coat health during this transition period is important!

Poodle Puppy Coat Shedding Timeline

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So when do poodles lose their puppy coat? It depends on the individual dog, but this process can take anywhere from six months to a year. Toy and miniature poodles typically shed their puppy coat earlier than standard poodles, with shedding starting around 4–6 months.

As the poodle puppy sheds, it can look like it is sprouting extra hair in some spots and balding in others. Don’t worry—this is totally normal!

The shedding happens in stages:

First, your poodle puppies might start losing a few stray hairs here and there. This could be followed by clumps of fur coming out while they’re brushing or petting them.

After that, you’ll probably notice that their adult fur grows longer than the puppy’s underneath.

Finally, their poodle’s hair will fall out in patches until the adult coat has completely replaced the puppy coat.

To help things along, regular brushing can help loosen the dead fur so it can come off more easily and make room for that stunning new adult-poodle look!

How to Care for Your Poodle’s Fur During Shedding

Caring For Poodles Fur From Shedding with Comb

When it comes to shedding — which all poodles do, regardless of breed or coat color — your job as a responsible pet parent is to care for your pup’s fur throughout the process. You can do this by:

  • Following an appropriate grooming routine
  • Providing regular baths and brushings
  • Feeding your pup a balanced, nutritional diet

By following these steps, you can give your pooch a healthy fur coat and help them have an easier time losing their poodle puppy coats.

Grooming Routine

Your specific poodle’s grooming routine will be based on its individual breed and coat type, but all poodles need regular brushing, bathing, and trimming. Depending on the type you have and how often it sheds its poodle puppy hair, you may want to adjust the frequency of baths and brushing. Read up on what kind of fur care schedule works best for your pet before giving it a bath or trim.

Balanced Diet

Like people, pets need proper nutrition if they grow strong and healthy fur! So ensure that Fido gets plenty of protein and other nutrients in its diet — like omega-3 fatty acids, for example — so that its skin has all the vitamins it needs when shedding season rolls around.

Different Types of Puppy Coats

3 Poodles Sitting on Chair with Different Adult and Puppy Coats

Did you know there are different types of puppy coats? Poodles come in a variety of colors and types. All four “sizes” — Toy, Miniature, Standard, and Giant — may have three different types of coats: the Puppy Coat, the Hair Coat, and the Wool Coat.

Puppy Coat

This is the coat that all pups have when they first arrive in your home, and it’s also called “puppy fur” or “puppy fuzz.” This fuzzy coat sheds itself as pups grow up and can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to disappear.

Hair Coat

A Hair coat takes about a year for a pup to grow into. It’s thicker than the puppy coat and is usually called “harsh” because it stands off from the body instead of lying flat as other coats do. It’s less fluffy than the puppy coat and has more body. The curls are more distinct with a hair coat.

Wool Coat

The wool coat is one of two texture categories — the wire-type or wool-type category — that an adult poodle may have when it reaches maturity (12 – 18 months). The wool-type coat is considered medium length, curly, and thick in texture, not fine like baby fuzz or harsh like hair coat. It grows very thick in cold and warm weather, so regular trimming will be necessary.

What to Do if Your Poodle Isn’t Losing Its Puppy Coat

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Great question! It’s definitely not the norm for a poodle to still have its puppy coat after reaching maturity, but it can happen. So what should you do if your pup is taking its sweet time losing that cute puppy fur and getting their adult coat?

The best thing to do is to take your dog to the vet. They’ll be able to explain why your poodle isn’t shedding their coat and if any medical concerns may prevent it.

If there’s nothing wrong with your pup and they’re just taking an extra long time, there are some steps you can take to help out with the process:

  • Brushing your pup frequently can help remove the dead fur and allow new growth.
  • Giving them coats or using a hairdryer on a lower setting may also encourage more of their fur to fall out.
  • Adding fatty acid supplements to their diet may also help accelerate the process.
  • Ensure they’re getting plenty of exercise, too—a good 30 minutes a day should get them in tip-top shape!

Tips for Keeping Your Poodle’s Coat Healthy

White French Poodle Running Outdoors Losing Puppy Coat

When do poodles lose their puppy coat? It all depends on how you care for it! As poodle owners, whether you want your poodle’s coat to stay its natural color or you want to dye it a certain shade, here are some tips for keeping your pup’s coat in tip-top shape:


Brushing is essential for keeping your poodle’s coat healthy. You should brush them around two to four times a week, depending on the length and thickness of their coat. Be sure to use a brush specifically designed for dogs since these have softer bristles that can help detangle knots and mats.


Regularly bathe your poodle, and use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs. Overwashing can lead to a dry and brittle coat, so while they should get regular baths, they don’t need one every time they get dirty.


A balanced diet is essential for keeping your puppy’s coat looking great. Ensure their food is appropriate for their age and activity level, as this will help with overall health and coat condition. Also, consider adding fish oil supplements or omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for skin and fur health!

By following these tips, your pup should start losing its puppy coat from six months onwards. Depending on the dog breed, the full adult coat may not be seen until they’re two years old – so don’t worry if it takes a bit longer than you expected!

When Should a Poodle Get First Haircut?

White Poodle Getting First Haircut from Groomer

When it comes to when poodle puppies should get their first haircut, the answer isn’t always clear. Most experts agree that if your pup has an unusually thick coat, you can start thinking about it around four months, but six to eight months is the golden rule. If a poodle’s coat hasn’t started to thin out by then, they may need their first haircut.

However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. The breed of poodle: Smaller breeds like toy and miniature poodles tend to lose their puppy coat sooner than larger breeds like standard and Moyan poodles. So if you have a smaller breed like a toy poodle, you might want to give it its first haircut a bit earlier than six months old.
  2. Climate: If your poodle puppy lives in an area with consistently warm weather, their puppy coat may also come off sooner than expected! In warm weather poodles shed more to help keep their bodies cool.
  3. Activity level: How active is your pup? If they’re running around and playing all day long, this can speed up poodle puppies losing their puppy hair and getting their adult poodle coat quicker!

At the end of the day, it’s important to note that every pup is different! Some will start thinning out at four months, while others might not until eight or nine months — so use these guidelines as just that — guidelines, not the gospel!


In summary, poodle puppies typically undergo a coat shedding phase at a young age, usually around 6-12 months. During this time, knowing the right way to groom and handle your pup’s coat is important to ensure it’s healthy and looks its best until its adult coat comes in fully.

It’s also important to note that the timing of your pup’s coat shedding may vary depending on the individual. Generally, the longer the coat, the longer it will take for the shedding process. Speaking with a professional groomer can help you properly care for your pup’s coat and ensure it looks great as it grows and develops.

Now that you know about your poodle’s fur, check out some of our comprehensive guides to caring for your furry friends.