Puppy Playing in Field with Ball Before Bedtime
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You’ve just welcomed a new puppy to your family. So, you are probably wondering how to keep puppy awake before bedtime so they will sleep through the night. But don’t worry; we are here to help!

Bedtime can be a struggle with any pet, but it becomes especially difficult when your furry friend is still adjusting to their new home or dog crate.

You want them to settle down and fall asleep, but you also don’t want them to become over-tired from playing all day. So, how do you keep your puppy awake before bedtime? With the help of an expert guide, you’ll be on the path to helping them (and yourself) sleep through the night and get the rest they need.

This guide will show you how to create an ideal pre-bedtime routine for your puppy so that you can ensure they are well-rested for their next play date. Get ready for lots of cuddles and snuggles as we look at all the tips and tricks on keeping your puppy awake before bedtime!

How to Determine Your Puppy’s Ideal Bedtime

Dog on Bed Preparing for Bedtime Sleep

It’s important to determine your puppy’s ideal sleep schedule, as this will help determine how much energy they need to burn before they hit the hay.

Usually, puppies should be sleeping 14-18 hours a day, with one nap during the day and one long snooze at night. The amount of time a puppy sleeps depends on age, size, and activity levels. The younger the puppy, the more extended sleep they generally need. Talk to your veterinarian to better understand when your puppy should be hitting the sack.

Determining puppy sleep requirements can seem daunting, so check out our comprehensive guide to determining when your puppy should go to bed here.

Once you know when your puppy should fall asleep, the next step is to figure out how many hours before their designated bedtime you will need to keep them awake and active for them to sleep soundly. While there’s no hard-and-fast rule here, experts generally recommend ensuring they have plenty of physical activity 2-3 hours before their scheduled bedtime. This can involve playing together indoors or outdoors— for example; you can play hide-and-seek for mental stimulation thrown in for good measure too!

Benefits of Keeping Puppy Awake Before Bedtime

Healthy Puppy Dog Running in Field

As a pet parent, you want to ensure your pup gets the most out of their day. That’s why it’s so important to keep your puppy awake before bedtime—there are some great benefits to doing this!

By keeping your puppy active throughout the whole day, you can help them:

  • Develop better puppy sleeping patterns and be less likely to wake up in night;
  • Boost cognitive development and strengthen their muscle tone;
  • Establish daily routines, so they know when it’s time for bed.

Most puppies need an hour of activity before bedtime for optimal energy levels. This could be anything from playing fetch, cuddling with you on the couch, or going on a walk for a potty break. As long as it engages them and keeps them moving.

Tips for Keeping Your Puppy Alert Before Bedtime

Puppy Staying Awake and Playing Before Bedtime

It’s nearly bedtime for your puppy, but their energy levels are still through the roof. What do you do? Here are some expert tips to help keep your pup awake and alert until their bedtime:


This is the most obvious, ensure your new puppy gets plenty of exercise throughout the day, so your tired puppy is ready for nighttime sleep. Nearly an hour to two hours of playtime outside is usually enough, but pay attention to your pup’s signs of exhaustion — if they’re slowing down or yawning, it’s time for a break or for them to come inside for the day.

Stimulating Activities

Try engaging in stimulating activities like running around in different rooms, playing games, learning new tricks — anything that gets them using their brains and being active. Something interactive like hide-and-seek is perfect: spread some treats around and have your pup search for them. You’ll both have fun, and it’ll help tire them out!

Healthy Treats

Keep healthy treats on hand for a quick pick-me-up during playtime. Remember not to overdo it, as too many snacks can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Fruits like apples can provide an extra shot of energy while giving them something nutritious — they’ll benefit from natural sugars like those found in apples while you benefit from a sleepy pup by bedtime!

Most dogs prefer an edible chew toy. These can keep your new pup active and occupied for a long time before they need to go to sleep. Dogs enjoy chewing, and this activity can help your puppy to sleep. Try choosing a healthy option or one that helps clean their teeth, so you can kill two birds with one stone with a healthy, calming activity to help sleep.

Activities for Keeping Your Puppy Stimulated

Cute Pug Puppy Stimulated by Playing with Kid

Do you have a high-energy puppy always looking for something to do? You can do many activities with your pup to keep them stimulated and awake before bedtime. Here are a few ideas:

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are a great way to keep your pup entertained. Look for puzzles or hide-and-seek games where they have to use their nose to find rewards – it’ll help wear them out and stimulate their minds!

Doggy Sports

Many dogs naturally prefer to run around in the yard. Participating in dog sports like agility and flyball can help burn off all their energy. Make sure the sport is age-appropriate for your little guy, as young puppies may not yet be ready for strenuous activities.

Brain Games

If your pup has mastered all their basic commands, it might be time to switch things up and teach them some more advanced tricks or brain games. Teaching your dog how to do simple taks or recognize different sets of items can help stimulate their mind while exhausting them!

You can also create “treat hunts” around the house or yard that will require digging, sniffing, and pawing skills and mental concentration—a great way to tire out an energetic pup before bedtime.

Supplements to Support Energy Levels

Dog Being Given Supplement Pill

Ready to get your puppy’s energy levels up? Consider natural supplements that might give them an extra boost. Things like Vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids can all help your pup stay alert and active for longer. Don’t forget to talk to your vet before starting a supplement regimen because certain supplements aren’t suitable for every breed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Vitamin B12: It helps with stamina and increases energy and focus.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats important for overall health and wellness, including alertness during the day, so they’re ready for bedtime at night.

Exercise Tips for Better Puppy Sleep

Small Puppy Exercising on Treadmill

Exercise is another great way to keep your puppy alert and tire them out before bedtime. It’s important to provide them with the right exercises to ensure they’re not overworked, so you need to consider your pup’s age and breed.

Short Burst Exercise

It’s best to give your pup a few minutes of exercising twice a day, maybe once in the morning and once in the evening—it doesn’t have to last too long. Break it up into regular short jogging, gentle sprinting, and walking.

Toys and Games

Playing with toys is an effective way to give your dog plenty of physical activity—and lots of fun too! Playing fetch or tug-of-war is great for puppies as it can help strengthen their bodies and build trust between you and them. Consider buying multiple toys that rotate to switch up playtime and keep your pup interested.


If your pup loves getting wet, swimming will be a hit! Ensure you use appropriate swimming pools or areas like lakes or beaches designed for dogs. Swimming can be tiring for puppies, helping them burn off energy before bedtime without overworking them—so a nice paddle in the pool might do the trick!

Evening Games and Training

Pug Puppy Dog Laying with Stuffed Animal

Playing games and providing mental stimulation in the evenings is a great way to keep your puppy alert and awake. Not only is it fun for both of you, but it can also help your pup learn good behaviors that will be useful for life.


You can try activities such as:

  1. Training sessions: Anything from basic commands to more advanced tricks will keep your pup busy, challenged and focused.
  2. Puzzle games: Encouraging your puppy to explore and work out how different puzzles work will help them stay awake and give their brain a good workout too!
  3. Hide and Seek: This classic game may take some practice before they catch on, but once they do, it’s sure to be a great source of entertainment for both of you!

Any of these activities should get your puppy moving, and their mind working before bedtime and distract them from getting too tired. As a bonus, mentally stimulating activities release endorphins that promote feelings of happiness in humans and puppies alike – so make sure you have plenty of fun when playing with your pup!

Dietary Changes That Can Help With Alertness

Tiny Puppy Eating a Diet of Fruit

One way to alert your puppy before bedtime is to make dietary changes. Your pup’s daily meals can affect their energy levels, so a few tweaks might be in order if you want them to be wide awake for bedtime.

Feeding Schedule:

For starters, ensure you’re feeding your puppy at least three times a day, with no more than five or six hours in between meals. This will help ensure they remain full during the day and won’t crash right before bedtime.

Dog Bed and Dog Crate Training

Dog Being Crate Trained

If you plan to crate train your new family members, here are some tips to get your puppy sleeping soundly in their crate and dog bed:

  • Place your puppy’s crate and bed away from where they are active during the day, such as in a bedroom. This will begin teaching them that their sleeping area is different from the parts of your house where they should be active.
  • A potty break should be given as close to bedtime as possible. This will keep them from waking up for a bathroom break and help them sleep through the night. Just keep an eye out; if your little guy needs a lot of potty breaks, it is a sign they might have a bladder infection.
  • Just like with human babies, you can use white noise machines to limit noises and distractions to keep your puppy comfortable and get enough sleep. This will also be a sound queue for your dog so that when they don’t hear it, they should be awake, and when it comes on, they should be comfortable sleeping.


All in all, you should feel confident in your ability to help your dog adjust to its new bedtime routine. With enough patience and consistency, they’ll be able to wind down and get the rest they need. Make sure to give them plenty of playtime and exercise throughout the day so they can truly relax in the evening.

If you’re still unsure about your puppy’s nighttime behavior and are having trouble getting your puppy to sleep, don’t hesitate to contact your vet for advice. They’ll be able to give you personalized recommendations and help you and your pup have a peaceful sleep at night.