I love my dog too much that anything and everything he does should always ensure his safety and well-being. That is why I was a bit surprised when I saw my dog eating grass. This made me bewildered as I did not know why do dogs eat grass? If my pet is a goat, then I would really feel at ease. But no. He is a dog and they should not eat grass, right? I have asked my friends, who are also dog owners as to why does my dog eat grass, and they just laughed at me and told me to do some research, which I did. Viola! I am now enlightened about it. There are actually quite a number of reasons why they eat grass and most of the reasons should not make us, owners, worry.

why does my dog eat grass

So why do dogs eat grass? Let’s read on the reasons.

1. Nutrition

As a dog owner, we may think that we are already giving the best food to our canines. We always buy that expensive dog food thinking that it is the best one and contains all nutrients that dogs need. But I realized that not all expensive products offer good quality. Quite a number of dog foods are sold with meat as the base ingredient, and manufacturers totally ignored the fact that our pets also need plant proteins. When I read about this, I have told myself that maybe my dog is eating grass because I do not give him the nutrition that he truly needs. Even experts agree that it is okay to feed your dog grass, just ensure that it is free from chemicals to avoid poisoning. Natural herbs or cooked vegetables should also be incorporated on the diet of dogs.

Issues On Pica

Pica is actually the eating of things that are not edible such as paper, rocks, or dirt. This certain condition is caused by a mineral deficiency. Some people believe that it is the same with dogs and those who are eating grass have deficiency in their body, which they want to address and supplement. In the case of a grass-eating dog, the lack of fiber is the reason for pica attacks.

2. He Is Bored

I know for a fact that this is not the reason why my dog is eating grass because I give him his proper and regular exercise. But my belief changed after my research. I realized that one of the reasons as to why do dogs eat grass is to catch the attention of their owners to bring them out for a walk or exercise. Eating grass is also one of their ways to release their energies. If your dog is in the garden and he has nothing to do in there; and he can only see grass, then it will also result into grass-eating habits.

3. Vomiting And Stomach Issues

This may only be a theory but we still need to consider this belief since we are talking of possible reasons why our beloved pets are eating grass. It has been said by veterinarians that eating grass in large amounts can irritate the digestive system lining and cause dogs to vomit. If this is true, then we can believe that when dog eats grass, it is because of nausea or any stomach problems. Once they vomited, it will make them feel better after.

4. Improves Digestion

As we all know, greens are very helpful in human digestion. It is also the same with dogs since greens are rich in fiber content. If the diet that we are giving to our canines have no fiber or contains low amount of fiber, then they will experience indigestion, which will lead to decrease in metabolism and difficulty in passing out waste. To compensate for the lack of fiber and to help improve their digestion, they choose to eat grass instead.

5. It Is Delicious

Funny as it may seem, but dogs might think of grass as tasty. If you have a favorite food, then there is a likelihood that dogs also have their own favorite food too, and in this case, it might be the grass.

6. Psychological Issues

If we are experiencing anxiety and fear which makes us do crazy things, dogs can also have their own psychological issues and grass-eating may also be their way of coping with things. If you see your dog eating grass, then it is his way to keep himself grounded and calm during anxiety attacks. I suggest that you observe your dog’s grass-eating behavior first. If you can see that the grass-eating behavior occurs during instances of anxiety or depression, then it must really be a psychological issue.

7. It Comes In Territory

As a dog owner, you should know that dogs are very territorial. However, there are dogs that are more territorial than others are, and they eat grass in order for them to know who have trespassed on their area. Eating grass will enable them to sniff and taste the scent of the intruder who went in their territory.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

8. Just A Natural Instinct

When I say natural, it really means natural. Some people believe that it is just a natural instinct for dogs to eat grass. If we check on their history, there are wild dogs that eat their prey as a whole. In this case, it also involves eating everything even those contents inside the stomach of their prey. Most often than not, the contents on the stomach also include greens and vegetables that were already eaten prior to being hunted by the wild dog. Since our dogs nowadays are served with commercially dog food without the complete nutrients in need, they tend to have the natural instinct and replenish what they could not get from those dog food, thus the grass-eating habits.

Now, if you ask if eating grass is dangerous for your canine, be assured that grass is a safe food for them. However, you need to ensure that there are no fertilizers or any chemicals on the grass to avoid poisons. Also ensure that there are no slugs, snails, and other pests on the grass before you let your dog munch in to it. But if the grass-eating habits become uncontrolled, then I strongly suggest you look for professional help.

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