Okay, we get it. People want to have pet companions so they can cuddle them and play with them. Yet in some instances, these dogs are bigger and larger than their owners, right? Well, it is because you have gotten the wrong choice of dog breeds as a pet. If you really want to have a pet that you can cuddle (not that you can’t cuddle the larger ones), then I suggest that you go for pets who are really cute and adorable in your eyes that you just want to hug them, squish them (easy on that!), and play with them. Though large dogs can also be cute at times, there are still not as adorable as some other dogs that look like bears. I’m not really talking about those grizzly bears, rather, what I meant are teddy bears. Yes, those same teddy bears that little kids love to play! Believe it or not, there are real and living dogs that look like teddy bears, and these are what makes them more endearing and delightful to look at and spend your cuddle moments with.

Whether they are already adult dogs or little puppies that look like teddy bears, all of them never fail to charm their way to your hearts and you just wish for yourself that you can grab one of these breeds and make it as your pet and teddy bear at the same time. If you are now wondering what dog breeds I am referring to, then let’s not keep you waiting and get the ball rolling as we provide you the list of these puppies that look like teddy bears.

1. Samoyed Puppy

puppies bearing resemblance to bears

The Samoyed breed got their name from the northern Siberia’s Samoyede people to whom they have become valuable companions for many years. Though they were bred to hunt and do works, they never fail to amaze us with their cuteness and resemblance to polar bears. This breed has an ultra-thick white coat that you will even have a hard time looking for their skin underneath its coat in winter. However, this thick coat will shed – and I really mean a heavy shedding – during spring time. But then again, when a Samoyed sheds, you can use their wool and sell it to weavers since it is one of the favorite wools used to make warm and really nice clothes and products.


2. Newfoundland Puppy

dogs having same face as bears

In contrast with the white Samoyed coat, is the Newfoundland. Though it is also available in some other color coats, a typical Newfoundland is black. So if you want a black teddy bear to cuddle, then this is the best choice of breed for you. Aside from being as cute as a teddy bear is, a Newfoundland is also suited as a working dog who can work both on land and on water. If there is one setback on this breed though, is the fact that he is a drooler, so if you do not want to have a lot of drools in your area, this dog is not the one for you. But when it comes to personality, a Newfoundland is really sweet and is often described as a loveable teddy bear.


3. Chow Chow

dogs that look similar to bears

A Chow Chow may be aloof towards the wrong person, so you cannot cuddle him as much. But if you are the right person that a Chow deems you to be, then you will be assured to have a fierce and a loyal companion all throughout. A Chow is a combination of a lot of things: the cuteness of a teddy bear, the aristocracy of the lion, the humor of a panda, the grace and intelligence of the cat, and of course, the loyalty and devotion of dogs. Since he doesn’t really want to be hugged or cuddled as much, he will still stay quiet and attentive towards his favorite person. If you really opt for a Chow, then you should get one while he is still a puppy and train him to socialize with other people and animals to ensure they will become safe and relaxed adults.


4. Caucasian Ovcharka

dogs that look as bears

Image Courtesy: barbos.me

I know I said large dogs are not adorable to become teddy bears, but you can count the Caucasian Ovcharka as an exception. With its moderate deep-set and dark eyes, this Caucasian Shepherd is covered with hair all over its body which provides good insulation and protection for the breed. The coat is also weather-resistant, thick, and dense and is very much effective in keeping the cold out. So if you are out on a snowy night, you might need a Caucasian Ovcharka to cuddle and keep you warm. You should ensure, however, that you will train and socialize this breed as it can have ferocious and unmanageable tendencies. Once you are part of his family, whether you are children or other pets, then you can be sure that you are and will always be protected. But for strangers, you’d better be warned to stay away since our not-so-little friend here, do not accept people right away.


5. Pomeranian

dog having resemblance to bears

A Pom is one of the dogs that look like teddy bears because of its foxy-faced appearance that can sometimes make you wonder of its origin. Pomeranians only weigh from three to seven pounds which make them really delicate and cute. However, despite their relative small size, they think that they are big dogs who can defend themselves from others and they will sometimes attack or harass other larger dogs leading into capital T – trouble.  Another thing that keeps Poms cute is their dark and almond-shaped eyes full of intelligence and curiosity. Even if they are small, they are loud barkers which make them a great watchdog. However, you must also train them to stop barking once you have commanded them to do so since they usually do not know when to stop being loud.


6. Akita Puppy

dogs that look like bears

Image Courtesy: www.zastavki.com

Despite its over-bearing and intimidating presence, an Akita is really cute when it is still a small puppy. It is included here on our list as one of the puppies that look like teddy bears because it really is! Though you might get scared of an Akita once it becomes an adult, be assured that you will fall in love with them while they are still small pups. Once properly trained, an Akita is affectionate, amusing, and respectful. However, you should also be warned that he is not easily frightened and do not come out of challenges easily making it a fearless and loyal guardian to its master and the rest of the family.


7. Alaskan Malamute

puppies that look like teddy bears

I know that an Alaskan Malamute has a powerful and strong body, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is still cute and looks like a teddy. Being one of the oldest breeds, it has been believed that an Alaskan Malamute have some wolfish genes. However, they are really domesticated dogs. You need to train them to be able get along with other people and pets in the house. Once they are well-socialized, they become really friendly even to strangers making them not a really good choice to become watchdogs.


8. German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi Mix

dogs having same look as bears

Image Courtesy: rebrn.com

There is little information known about the mix of these three breeds: German Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi. However, all we can say is the fact that this mixture of three breeds resulted into one dog that really resembles a teddy bear! A picture of this breed as a puppy circulated over the internet and it closely resembles Akita’s characteristics from its coat length, face shape and ears. What we are waiting now though is to see how this pup will grow up, will his face change? And what are the personality and traits it took from the German Shepherd and Corgi genes? That’s what we all have to find out.


9. Tibetan Mastiff

big dogs looking the same as bears

Image Courtesy: www.101dogbreeds.com

Developed in Tibet some centuries ago, the Tibetan Mastiff is a companion dog and loves the presence of family members. Though he is really one charming little pup that you can hug like a teddy bear, beware as this teddy bear will grow up to a 75 to 160 pounds dog! Hence, you should ensure that you have enough space for a Tibetan Mastiff in your home. Its size is not really suited for those who are living in apartments. They are also very intelligent and independent. Sometimes, they are stubborn, but be assured that they are sensitive to human moods especially when they are arguments going on in the household.


10. Keeshond/American Eskimo Mix

dog looking like bears

Owners of a Keeshond and American Eskimo mix have testified that this particular hybrid are really loving, gentle, and very sweet. With its appearance as cute as a teddy bear, there is no wonder why many people are vying to have this cross-breed. Unfortunately though, like the cross-breed of the German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi that was presented earlier, this particular mix has not been studied yet to identify their characteristics and traits. The views are as per statements from owners and breeders who also said that the Keeshond and American Eskimo mix always love to meet people, but assured that the breed are always well behaved.


11. Panda Bear Puppy

dogs having same appearance as bears

Image Courtesy: dogtypeaz.blogspot.com

Panda dogs are actually a craze in China last year. So okay, they really are not an actual breed of dogs but they are very famous to say the least. Our research shows that the panda dogs are actually Chow Chows or smaller versions of Bichon Frise who are groomed, dyed and hair clipped to look like Pandas. However, there was also one stray dog owner coming from China who was surprised to see that when her dog went into delivery, the three puppies she bore were panda look-alikes. Surprisingly, the puppies have no resemblance whatsoever to their parents’ actual appearance which makes us wonder as to how they have achieved their panda coloring.


12. Eurasier Puppy

dog which look similar as bears

Image Courtesy: www.pets4homes.co.uk

A Eurasier puppy is also one of those endearing little puppies to look at. Though they also grow into big adult dogs, a Eurasier puppy certainly looks like a teddy bear. They are calm, friendly and even tempered. They are also proven to be affectionate and loyal to their family aside from being watchful and alert. Just like many other dog breeds, this particular breed should be trained. However, in doing so, you need to understand the breed first in order for the training to be successful. It is important that you do not use violence, instead, go for soft reprimanding by using firm but not harsh instructions and discipline.


13. Poodle

canines which look as bears

One of the most famous dog breeds on our list is probably the poodle. Always elegant, always proud, always impressive, poodles are very charming and endearing that they are often found on dog shows and other dog careers. Poodles are really cute and they even have stuffed toys patterned on themselves. They are very affectionate and love to play games of any kind. A poodle may also be a good barker, hence, you will be alerted especially if there are strangers around making them good watchdogs.


14. Bouvier De Flandres

dogs that look like tedy bears

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

Basically bred to be farm dogs, Bouvier De Flandres has a double coat which is weather-resistant. Due to their coat, this is one of the fluffy dogs who can pass as teddy bears that you can cuddle at times. However, what a Bouvier De Flandres really enjoy doing is to curl up at your feet to show how affectionate he is about you. He is also most happy when you make him part of your activities because he usually feels bored when left alone for long periods of time.


15. Australian Labradoodle

dogs that look like teddy bears

Image Courtesy: www.trailsendlabradoodles.com

The Australian Labradoodle is as good with children as teddy bears are. They are easy to train which makes them a manageable breed for pets and they also get along with other dogs in the household. If you have special or unusual tasks that you want to assign to them, be assured that they can get it done as they are extremely clever and fast learners. When you have an Australian Labradoodle, it is best that you provide them with their daily physical and mental exercises as to avoid any behavior issues that may arise.

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