Having a dog in our homes is a great deal considering that we have a companion who can lighten our spirits and at the same time become guard dogs. However, one of the uses of canines is also looking after children. Surprising as it may seem, there really are dogs that are good with kids.

These dogs that are good with kids can be trusted with your little ones since they serve not only as watch dogs but also as a play mate and a best friend to your children. Most often, kids want small dogs because they are less terrifying and obviously much cuter than the big canines.

Small dogs that are good with kids have the general characteristic that makes them a natural when it comes to little totes. As a parent, I understand the fear of associating your children with big dogs, hence, small dogs good with kids are the most excellent choice for you to ensure your kid’s safety.

If you are looking for these small dogs yet you do not know which one to choose, we have created here a list of the best small dogs for kids that you can choose from.

Best 14 Small Dogs That Are Good With Kids

This list is composed of the dogs we think are the best among the best when it comes to being a good company for your children, after all, we want to ensure not only the safety of your kids but also a good and happy quality time with these little pooches.

1. American Eskimo Dog

small dogs that are good with kids

Shortly called as “Eskie”, this American Eskimo Dog is strikingly beautiful with its white coat, black eyes, and very sweet expression. He is usually lively and a very active companion dog and this is the reason why it is one of the best small dogs that are good with kids. He also likes to entertain and be a part of all family activities.

An Eskie makes a good family pet since he socializes well with family members and friends; however, he is still well-reserve when it comes to strangers making him a great watchdog that can watch over your children without harming them. It is important that you keep this dog breed busy and well-exercised because he has a very high energy and if he feels bored, he may wreak havoc within your home or your backyard.

2. Australian Terrier

small dogs that are good with kids

Australian Terriers were actually bred as hunters to get rid of rodents and snakes. However, aside from being a hunter, he also makes a good watchdog as well as a companion. Aussie, as he is usually called, has a mischievous, independent and lively personality.

He is also closely attached to his family that he often matches your personal mood. If you are not feeling great at all, he stays quiet and calm; yet if you are feeling happy, he becomes playful. An Aussie wants to devote his life for the family that he serves. He can often be seen tailing you from room to room or to play with the kids.

3. Bichon Frise

small dogs that are good with kids

A Bichon Frise may love mischief but rest assured that he is one of the dogs that are good with kids. He is a good family dog and one of the best companions for kids since he can tolerate the noise and commotion brought about by these children.

He also loves to join the kids in their games and loves sitting on their laps. But just like in any other breeds, it is important to teach children how to properly approach them and touch them to prevent any biting or pulling from either parties should their playing get rough. A Bichon Frise dislikes being alone and always loves to be with the company of people. If left alone for many hours, he may develop separation anxiety which you obviously do not want him to feel.

4. Bolognese

dogs that are good with kids

Basically, a Bolognese is really a good family dog considering that he takes pleasure spending more time at his family’s side. The drawback? He always loves to get his way and can be quite manipulative about it. He is also a member of the Bichon family, and is known as the Bichon Bolognese.

If truth be told, he is difficult to house train but this particular dog breed is naturally intelligent and devoted to his family. He loves to spend time with you whether it’s as simple as going for a walk or as complex as running errands. A Bolognese also loves to play with kids and are really comical and curious dog breeds.

5. Havanese

dogs that are good with kids

With his expressive eyes, long and silky hair, and very cuddly size, there is no question that this particular dog breed is one of the most admirable dog breeds that captivated many hearts. A Havanese has been nicknamed as “velcro dog” since it always loves to stick very close to his owner. He is very trainable and energetic making him one of the lead dogs that excel greatly in sports and other canine careers.

He is very affectionate when it comes to children, and even with strangers. However, a big portion of his time is really given to his owner and his family. With his small size, it is really important that you take care of this dog as it is very vulnerable and can easily get hurt by accidents. Hence, you should inform and teach the children how to handle this dog properly.

6. Lakeland Terrier

small dogs good with kids

Despite being bred to hunt and typically kill foxes preying on sheep during lamb season, the Lakeland terrier is one of the breeds of small dogs good with kids. Called as “Lakies”, he loves kids and even matches their energy levels even for an entire day.

He makes a good watchdog for your kids as he is well-reserve with strangers which can ensure that no unfamiliar person can approach your child while he is looking. When it comes to other animals though, a terrier is prone to chasing small ones; hence, it is advisable that you socialize him at an early age with cats and other small animals. He needs to have firm and patient training which should start at an early age considering that he can be hard to house train at times.

7. Maltipoo

small dogs good with kids

A Maltipoo is a cross-breed between two adorable dogs, the Maltese and the Poodle. Typically, a Maltipoo is affectionate in nature and fun-loving. He is also adaptable and can fit to any homes and families, whether you have an apartment or a house, or have kids or elderly. Just ensure that these children and elderly can handle them carefully.

However, they are best recommended for children who are more than 6 years old since they are small and can be easily injured if not being handled with care. A Maltipoo loves long cuddles and is sensitive to human wants and needs. They are also barkers which make them a good watchdog that can alert you if something is going wrong.

8. Norfolk Terrier

best small dogs for kids

Definitely a loyal companion but with a heart of the working terrier, a Norfolk Terrier has a live-and-let-live type of personality. You can always rely on this particular dog breed when it comes to children especially if he is raised with the kids around.

Normally, children aging 10 years old and up is the best companion for him considering they are less likely to cause injury to the dog. He has a happy attitude and shares a good relationship with other dogs as well. Just ensure that you provide him a good exercise because if he has no outlet of his energy, he will resort to barking and digging.

9. Norwich Terrier

best small dogs for kids

A Norwich Terrier is very useful when you want your home to be rat and vermin free. A Norwich Terrier is very famous for loving everyone, including children. He is well sociable with children especially if the children are raised together with him.

However, if a Norwich is not familiar with the children, it is best that he should just interact with older and mature kids who can properly secure and handle him with care to prevent any injuries on his part. He is also an intelligent dog and is naturally alert making him a good watchdog as he will really bark to alarm you if there are any suspicious or strange things going on.

10. Peekapoo

best small dogs for kids

A peekapoo is one of the great companion dogs that are included on the small breed categories. He will simply spend his day sitting on your lap or simply stay beside you. Typically, a peekapoo is very protective of his family to a point that it can be hilarious and comical at times for such a very cute and adorable breed. He is affectionate and he is loyal too aside from being loving and gentle.

They make a good companion for children who are more mature and considerate in age. It is best that you introduce this dog breed to children at a young age so that it can start familiarizing with them early. Sometimes though, a peekapoo can’t take loud children, and though he is gentle with little kids, it is still of utmost importance that you guide and look after small children who might hurt him unintentionally.

11. Poodle

small dogs that are good with kids

Poodle is one of the famous dog breeds that are generally well-loved by many. Poodles tend to win many competitions and impress a lot of people by their elegance and regal attitude. But what is more lovable about this small dog breed is the fact that they are wonderful companions for little children.

Just ensure that you keep small children who do not know how to handle a dog at bay since they may hurt a toy poodle, which is the tiniest and most vulnerable variety of this dog breed. A poodle is always on the game and loves to play. He is also very fond of people on his surroundings and it will make him happy if he pleases those who are with him.

12. Pug

small dogs that are good with kids

Always thriving on a human companionship, a pug is generally one of the best small dogs for kids simply because pugs love kids. He is even considered as the clown of canines because of his great sense of humor that he loves to really show it off. Despite being small, a pug is not as delicate as some other toy breeds are so that makes him a really good choice of pet for families with little children.

But then again, if your child loves to play soccer or wants the pug to retrieve balls, then he might be in for a disappointment as pugs do not like such idea. A pug should be keep indoors since he cannot adapt to extremely hot or cold weathers, and they are quiet breeds and inactive while being inside the house.

13. Schipperke

small dogs that are good with kids

“Little black devil” as he is fondly called, a Schipperke has intelligence and curiosity that usually leads him to trouble. However, he is a devoted dog to his family and always stands on guard to protect his family and keep them away from harm.

Being a family dog, he wants to be always a part of family activities and loves kids from all ages. He loves playing with them and is very gentle and kind with younger ones. A Schipperke may also feel really aloof when it comes to strangers, however, he tends to cool down and drop his guard once he thinks that they are okay.

14. Scottish Terrier

small dogs that are good with kids

As a terrier, this dog breed makes a good watchdog. He is also independent and intelligent. His dignified seriousness is very cute and adorable, which makes him more lovable to his folks. Moreover, a Scottish terrier is really good with children that he can even serve as your little one’s nanny.

However, just ensure that your child does not pull his tail or hairs as he may react poorly against them as most terriers do. There is no problem when it comes to mature and well-behaved children though as he is a certified champion looking after them. He is also great when it comes to elderly who makes him a great house pet if you have both children and elderly in your home.

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