House owners who want to have a pet usually choose between a canine and a feline. There is no doubt that dogs are the most common house pets, but people, who do not like the barking chooses the meowing instead. As a matter of fact, having a feline pet is also as good as having a canine one.

A house cat is a small, furry, and domesticated animal which are often admired and adored by humans since they are great for companionship and their knack for hunting skills, specifically of rodents and vermins. There are many cat breeds, in fact, they are more than 70 breeds available worldwide, but this number depends on the organizations that identify and acknowledge them. The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance recognizes a total of 73 breeds, while other organizations recognize less than 60 breeds.

Among these too many breeds, you will face a hard decision as to what you will choose for your cat. Will you go for the most common one? Or you’d rather choose something exotic and rare that will make you a unique owner? Probably, some will just go for the common breeds since those are easy to find and to acquire. Yet, there really are a few numbers who would rather choose to be one of a kind and go for rare cats.

12 Of The World’s Rare Cat Breeds

If you are on the latter part of the equation and you choose some exceptional and rare cat breeds, then this article is right for you. Basically, you have now decided that you want a unique cat right? The next question will then be, what among the many exotic cat breeds will you choose?

We have rounded up a few of the cat breeds that are indeed exceptional and very rare. Once you own them, be assured that you are one of the exclusive owners of such cat breed.

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Rare Cat Breeds

A native of Norway, a Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, semi-longhaired and one of the rare cat breeds that has a rugged appearance. This specific cat breed is a great companion as he enjoys being with humans and some other pets as well. They are considered as lap cats too, however, it will depend on their mood as to how long they will stay on your lap.

If you have this particular cat at home, just ensure that you have a cat tree and a scratching post. A Norwegian Forest Cat is also an intelligent feline who can easily adapt to change; he is also social yet sensitive at times. This rare cat breed has been featured in several folk tales and mythology for centuries in his home country making it a popular cat in Norway.

2. Devon Rex

Rare Cat Breeds In The World

You might always see a Devon Rex perched at the shoulder level of the person he likes the most as he always want to keep at head level. The Devon Rex is considered as the pixie of the cat fancy since it has oversized ears on an elfish face. Its large impish eyes also make it extra unique from the other cat breeds. You may be surprised that a Devon Rex seldom has the cattish attitude since he is considered as silly – as in Dennis-the-Menace type of silliness. He is also fun and loves to relax and socialize with everything and everyone around. Since he is playful by nature, a Devon Rex can easily learn tricks and are always on the go for playing hide-and-seek. He would also love to play tag and fetch.

3. Kurilian Bobtail

 Rare Cat Breeds In The World

A Kurilian Bobtail may appear strong and a wild cat, but be assured that they are very gentle by nature and are very good companions since they love to stay with you especially if you always caress them. He has a trusting personality and is very outgoing. As one of the rare cats, it is one of the thirteen natural breeds that are recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA).

He may look for the highest point in your house and stationed himself on top for him to see what’s going on everywhere. He is an independent breed and highly intelligent. He also loves to stay on the lap or sleep on the bed with his owners. Since he is an intelligent and clever breed, you only have to tell him once what he can and cannot do. However, it is up to the individual cat whether he will follow your instructions or not, and his current mood can also influence his decision.

4. Peterbald

Rare Cat Breeds In The World

This Russian cat breed is one of the most exotic cat breeds in the world considering their elegant stature and unique coat. Most often than not, a Peterbald can be totally hairless. Sometimes, they do have a coat but it feels and looks like a peach. Being called as Peterbald, it has been said they have a dominant gene for hairlessness or hair loss, or rather a dominant gene for altered and reduced coat.

Aside from their weird appearance, a Peterbald is highly intelligent and very active as much as being athletic. You will also be entertained by their playful antics and friendliness. Their friendliness will not only be for their owners and family, but it is extended to other cats and even dogs. A Peterbald is a lap cat who will stay most of the time on your lap as much as you allow him to.

5. Burmilla

Rare Cat Breeds In The World

A Burmilla may look like a Burmese cat, however, he have a more open and sweeter expression. What makes him unique is his sparkling silver coat on his elegant and muscular body. His rounded top head has a distinctive “make-up” which lines his nose, lips, and even eyes. A Burmilia also has two coat lengths covering his body, semi longhair and the shorter ones. When it comes to his personality, he may show kitten-like attributes even at his adult age and will totally adore you. If you have children at home, then he is a great choice for you as he loves to play with children on top of having good relations with other animals.

6. Sokoke

exotic cat breeds

This exotic cat breed came from the Sokoke district in the part of eastern Kenya. However, the breed was developed more in Denmark. He has a wooden grain effect coat pattern which makes him unique from other breeds. He is also a friendly feline making him a great choice for those who want to have a feline companion.

During cat shows, a Sokoke always pleases the crowd with his antics and wit. Though it has a wild look, this cat is graceful and slim. If you are looking for a cat who does not require and demand more attention or cuddles from you, then he is a good choice for a pet. He would simply love to follow you around your house to show his affection towards you.

7. Ojos Azules

exotic cat breeds

Ojos Azules simply means “blue eyes” in the English language. With such a name, it is already a given that this particular cat will captivate you by his deep blue eyes that are placed against myriad of colors where blue eyes are less expectant. Since this breed is very rare, only few studies have been made on them thus little is known on their personality traits and temperament.

The information that exists about their breed are with the few breeders who are working to determine if the genes of the Ojos Azules is good for conservation with the help of geneticists. We certainly hope that their efforts will yield to positive results, as this will help us determine more information regarding this one exotic cat breed.

8. Minskin

rare cats

A Minskin cat has the 3s coat: sparse, short, and silky. These 3s are what makes him a rare cat breed. However, despite its rarity, this is quite a popular cat within the United States and it has been said that this cat can live with his owner for up to 14 years. If this is the case and you need a long term companion, then you will never really go wrong should you decide to get a Minskin. If placed in a new environment, he may have to adjust first to his new shelter and owner before he can feel at ease and comfortable. He is also very friendly and will always make it a point to stop whatever he is doing just to greet a new visitor.

9. British Shorthair

rare cats

Personally speaking, a British Shorthair is one of the cutest and most adorable cats I have seen. Unlike usual cats though who are a bit flexible, a British Shorthair is known to be clumsy at times. He can certainly make a good pet as he is naturally calmed, easygoing and very affectionate.

He can become attached to his owners and can get along with all members of the household and even pets that also include dogs. Moreover, you will be surprise as to how a British Shorthair is easily trained and very adaptable to environment and changes. If there is one thing you need to keep in mind though, that is the fact that they are not fond of being carried, unlike those other cats.

10. Siberian

rare cats in the world

Another Russian cat makes it on our list as one of the exotic cat breeds in the world. A Siberian cat is considered a national treasure in Russia and it has been present for hundreds of years on their culture and documents already. It is even part of their fairy tales and children’s books. Though a Siberian is a good cat for company due to its loyalties and personalities, he is also useful when it comes to working on some rodent control. A Siberian is fearless and outgoing. This feline is very close to his owner that he would always want to be near his master. He also loves to enjoy being with kids, and other animals including dogs. Naturally, this cat has been designed to become a survivor. If you have allergies, then this typical cat breed is also a great choice for you as it is considered as hypoallergenic by most people though this fact has not been proven scientifically just yet.

11. Manx

rare cats in the world

One of the rare cat breeds is no other than a Manx. What causes it to be rare and unique is the fact that this cat is tailless. It has no tail at all. This particular flaw may have originated from the Isle of Man’s native shorthair cat and passed it on due to a dominant gene.

A Manx has a great intelligence and personality, which makes it endearing to pet owners and even visitors. Aside from having no tail, he is known for his rounded appearance that makes him even cuter than other cat breeds. His round head and round cheeks is more than enough to fall for this cute and rare cat. A Manx also exhibits a really great sense of humor and is a proven-and-tested protector of his family especially when dangers are near and looming.

12. Colorpoint Shorthair

rare cats in the world

If you are looking for a sensitive cat who can also feel your mood yet wants the feline to be unique and rare, then you can choose Colorpoint Shorthair. Specifically, a Colorpoint Shorthair has wedge-shaped heads and large, flaring ears. His eyes are also a pair of deep vivid blue yet it is slanted towards the nose. One of the best parts in taking care of this certain feline is the fact that it requires little grooming, in fact, most of this breed do not even need a bathe.

He is also a heat-seeker, meaning he would love to stay on your lap just to get some heat from you. He would also love to chatter and talk to you about his day, and if you do not pay attention to him, he will insist by following you all around the house until you hear all of his chatters. He is also an intelligent breed that loves to learn new games such as fetching. He may laze around on sunlight during the day, yet he also loves to sleep with you under your covers at night.

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