For people who want to have a tiger as a pet, yet you do not have the space, the capacity, and obviously without the danger in being with such a ferocious animal, then you are obviously in luck since you can have a tiger kitten! There are breed of cats that look like tigers, and this is a great opportunity for you to have your ‘tiger pet’ that do not require big space and do not have the same dangers as those huge animals. This list may surprise you because of their close resemblance to tigers. Here is a list of the top 8 cats that look like tigers.

1. A Serengeti was primarily developed to look like a wild Serval without having any genes of the latter running through their veins. The foundation of Serengeti was a crossbreed between Bengal and Oriental Shorthair. This breed may be shy when new to a place or when meeting new people, however, once they warm up to you, they are open, friendly and self-assured.


Serengetis are also agile and very active, which makes them want to help you out with everything that is going on. They can also develop a good relationship with other pets if you introduced them to each other properly.

2. It is a crossbreed from Ocicats and Bengals, and this tiger kitten actually has a true jungle lineage from an Asian Leopard cat. The goal of breeding the Cheetoh is to have a larger cat with wild look but withholding the increase of wild blood. Despite of their tiger-like appearance, Cheetohs are actually loving and social cats who can be good with children. A Cheetoh is also a great lap cat for every members of the family to enjoy.

They can weigh as much as 15-23 lbs for males, while females are up to 15 lbs.

3. The very first thing you will notice about Bengal cats is their markings that are really similar to tigers. Aside from the great appearance of their fur, owners also prove that it is soft and sleek when touched. And you know what’s more? They have a glitter coming from every hair shaft in their body that makes them shine in the light. Bengals have two fur patterns: the spotted one and the swirly marble. Either way you choose, they still look a lot like tiger and they are definitely cute.

4. Developed in the United States by crossbreeding a Seal Point Siamese to Rudy Abyssinians, an ocicat has a very high activity level and will require an average attention from you. Despite looking a little bit wild, you can be assured that an ocicat is actually a friendly and sociable feline with good agility. They will appreciate it more if you teach it how to walk with a leash.

It is also devoted to its family just like dogs are. If you really want an Ocicat, you must remember that breeders only release this breed after they reach 14 weeks old.

5. Born from a cross-breed of a house cat and African Serval, one of its key features is the old and spotted coat. A Savannah looks tall than it actually is because of its long neck and long legs. If you have a Savannah at home, then you can certainly attest that this cat is an adventure-seeker and requires more attention and interaction from you than other cat breeds.

However, you can be assured that this cat is certainly one of the best choices if you really want to have a cat that looks like a tiger.

6. A toyger is one of my personal choices. It is a result of breeding tabbies to make them look like a toy tiger. See? Even from the name itself, it is already obvious that this particular cat is a tiger look alike. The primary reason for its creation is also because of tigers. According to Judy Sugden, the breed’s creator, she created the breed as an inspiration to people to care for tiger conservation in the wild.

Despite still being on its development stage, this breed is already available from all breeders globally. It is also classified by The International Cat Association (TICA) as a championship breed.

7. The pixiebob is also one of my favorites here on this list since I find them really cute and fluffy. You may also be surprised to know that this breed is a result of a natural mating and not just a crossbreed using different other cat species. They are tall cats who came from a bobtailed cat in the Cascade Mountains, who naturally mated with another cat. Their back legs are also a little bit longer than their front legs, which add to their uniqueness as a breed.

8. Another cat that looks like a tiger which originated from Russia, and that is the Ussuri. If you want a cat that is low maintenance when it comes to grooming, then this is the best cat for you. It has a short coat that sheds minimally. They are intelligent and quiet, which helps them develop a good relationship with adults.

Unfortunately, though, this breed is very rare even in its native country and the numbers are already decreasing because of inter-breeding with other local domestic cats. If this fad will continue and no breeders or any concerned people or organization will help Ussuri, this breed may disappear totally.

After reading this list of the top 8 cats that look like tigers, you need to ensure that you have the capacity to take care of them if you really want one for a pet. Always remember those cats, or whatever pets you have, require your love, warmth and care. You do not just purchase them and place them unattended in your house; you need to feed them, groom them, and make sure that they are healthy.

You also have to take into consideration their medical bills when they do get sick. Remember, cats are like humans who need proper living conditions too.

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